Oven SOS Bookings and Cancellation Terms and Conditions 

We do not take a deposit when agreeing an appointment. We do not charge a cancellation fee if appointment is cancelled with more than 12 hours’ notice. Appointments can be agreed between customer and Oven SOS, at previous appointment, in person, via Email, Phone call, Text message, Facebook Page, Website, WhatsApp. All these are recognised means of making an agreement. The same means are acceptable ways to make a Cancellation. We recommend that you use the same way to cancel as you used to make the appointment. If you made the appointment in person then any contact is acceptable. If Oven SOS attends your agreed appointment at the given address (or last known address) and there is no access or no one there or altered arrangements without notice, then a minimum call out charge will be invoiced. If you have a recent change of address, please inform Oven SOS at the time of booking. Failure to pay the callout charge within 7 days will incur the full-service charge for the original booked appointment. If your original appointment had any offers or discounts applied, your rearranged appointment will be charged at the listed price.   As a small independent trader, a failed appointment costs us the full-service charge and doesn’t allow us anytime to rebook this appointment. As little as 12 hours’ notice, gives Oven SOS the opportunity to fill the appointment, not incur the labour and travel cost of arriving at your address. So, we don’t have many failed appointments, but they do happen from time to time.

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